Monday, October 26, 2009

Today is a confessional of sorts. I don't usually take to the internets to air my laundry but today is the day. I am putting it out there and I don't care who sees it. I am comfortable with myself and in the areas I'm not awful. I do worry a little about the fallout of this admission. I think it can only get better if I say what I need to say.

I am a bad driver. I am. I wanted to write about the day that I was on autopilot and backed right into Sean's car that was parked right behind me. Then I opted to stay silent. Then I thought I'd write about it again, the second time I did it. Or the times I have forgotten to put the car in gear and forgotten the emergency brake and it has rolled into the street. Or the times to mirror has folded up when the basketball hoop kisses it.

Today is a new day though. Today we left to go to the library, we piled in the mv and backed up. Right into the trash cans. I think the trash man put them directly behind me on purpose. I stopped running them over pretty quick and moved forward and got out to wheel them up to the house. Good thing I am spry because the car kept rolling forward because I think I forgot to take it out of drive. Ah well, tomorrow will be the new day.

They say things left in the dark continue to grow but exposed to the light, I hear it gets better. Although I think this being in the light will now just make more people able to see my minivan coming and take cover.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just cuz they are cute...