Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yesterday there was a tootsie roll in the dryer. With my clothes. On my stuff. Then my kids colored with tootsie roll flavored markers today. If you know me at all, you realize the nightmarish horrificness of this.

It is like those little brown demons are coming after me. To destroy me. Their plot to rid the world of AMM is subtle but it is there and very real.

I thoroughly dislike birds. They scare me, they flutter and are unpredictable. And as much as I have been told they aren't dirty or crazed, I choose to believe Hitchcock.

And who uses a bird as their cute little know-it-all that is really a condescending, arrogant, candy-stealer? The tootsie roll.

Watch out you small, brown, gag inducing nastys, I will get you. All of you. And that daggone owl.

Monday, July 28, 2008

What an amazing weekend...
In the midst of the rampant infections in our house, we went to a cabin with some of our bfs and it could not have been more awesome. We swam, tubed, boated, ate, euchred, and laughed so hard my muscles hurt. All the while we were only and hour and 15 minutes from our house. It was a gorgeous cabin, a beautiful setting and I really don't know how it could have gotten much better. Well a little more sleep would have helped.
I realize I have been a little picture crazed lately, in keeping with that, here are some more.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

It is a little crazy around this house today. Not much sleep was gotten by anyone. I am very much looking forward to nap time. I feel like I may have some strep in my throat and I am looking for the semi that ran over me in my sleep.

Normally we tried to be unplugged from tvs and playstations and movies during the day but not today. Today is games and pajamas and cartoons and sofajumping and snacks all day with lots of whining and tattling.

It is very Lord of the Flies in our house today. And I kind of don't care.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I figure after a week of staycation that was chock full of everything possibly fun, I should venture back to blogification.

It was a terrific week, really, really great. And I don't know what the best part was other than being with my family and really liking being with them.

On a side note, I am an eavesdropper. Griffin and his best friend were discussing the best cartoons yesterday and I eavesdropped. Kendrick asked Grif about a show that Grif said he wasn't allowed to watch. Kendrick responded, "There isn't any fighting in it." Griffin's reply?

"Just because there isn't any violence doesn't mean that the content is appropriate."

Friday, July 11, 2008

Just a thought but I feel like when Cooper and Parker are hiding and whispering in a corner, they might be up to some mischief. Although they show their faces every so often and reassure me, "Mom, we aren't doing anything so you don't need to check on us" so I think they are ok.

This is the first of many parenting tips by Annie Murphy. Yes, you can be a mom just like me.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Griffin is on a little vacation with Grandma. For the last three years he has gone to spend the week around the 4th of July with Grandma doing fun things, skipping rocks, riding bikes, hunting for frogs, being the center of the ice cream eating world and loving every second of it. So the boy has been gone 34 hours and 15 minutes, I love it for him, I hate it for me. I miss him.

And the crazy thing is that if he was home, because I am an awesome mom, I would probably be frustrated about something, the kids not getting on with going to bed, the tv room being a mess, toys left outside. But since he isn't here all that is happening is my guts hurt and I want to hug him.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

I don't have much to say lately except...

I love the July 4th holiday. I love the festivities, I love fireworks, I love cooking outside, I love all the hub bub surrounding the day and I love my red, white and blue flip flops.

That and my aunt-in-law took Griffin to get a faux hawk today and let him die it blue.

PS And by die I mean dye.