Friday, October 31, 2008

The cookies were made with lots of left overs!!!!

And the teachers aren't striking.

So two down...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I worry. I am a world champion worrier. I worry for pleasure, for fun, for sport. I am the Greg Louganis of worry.

Here are my latest go rounds with worry...I will not explain why each of these worry me because then I will worry that I am not explaining myself adequately. And that leads to a big old bunch of nutso that makes me think that people think about me as much as I think about me. For each one of these there are 47 more.

1 -Lakota schools are thinking of striking.

2 - Coopers preschool sent a packet on the upcoming flu pandemic and how the bird flu may mutate and humans may get it.

3 - Grif's birthday will be here shortly and bedrooms don't redo themselves.

4 - There is an apple border in the kitchen that has stared at me for years doubting my resolve to take it down.

5 - Cookie Monsters famous cookie dough cut into ghost shapes frosted in white with chocolate chip eyes take a long time to make.

6 - North Carolina and Pennsylvania and Texas and Maryland and Colorado are far from here and I like people that live in those places.

7 - Vans don't usually make weird noises.

8 - Time goes too fast.

9 - My nose is stuffy and I have a weird cough.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I often have a hard time separating all the jumble that is my brain. I wish I had a red record button right above my left ear that I push when I need to remember something and every time I hit the button it added 15 minutes to my day so I could think through why I hit the button. It would be 15 extra minutes that don't count against me in any other part of the day, they just add to the end.

During that 15 minutes, my brain is programmed to only think of the reason for the button pushing and I can't move on to another 15 minute segment until the first thought is complete and I'm satisfied. But if I finish the thought before 15 minutes is up, the extra minutes don't carry over, I loose them.

If I think there is a subject I need to discuss with myself that may take more than 15 minutes, at the moment of the original button pushing moment, I can hit the blue button beside the red button and that adds 5 minutes to my 15. The blue button can only be pushed 3 times in one day so I have to use the extras wisely. If the original 15 minutes is up and I still need more time that wasn't blue buttoned, I can red button the subject but will have to come back to it at the end of my time.

Until that day, weekends are good stuff when they come in the form of my friends...