Saturday, June 30, 2007

It's hard to believe there is an ear infection and upper respiratory infection under this smile.

Monday, June 25, 2007

I'm off!

I am headed away for a few days with lots to think about and process from the last couple of weeks.

But what I was afraid might happen, has. I desperately want to go and need to go and honestly, they probably need me to go too but I am having a hard time going out the door. My four favorite people live right here and I am leaving.

And of course there are little things that have popped up that make me feel like I have to stay here. Coughs and sniffles and sore throats make me uneasy. Like these four won't remember how to breathe after I leave.

I am not sure what these few days will do for me or the people staying in this house. But I am a mixed bag of emotion coming off of a week that left me a wet rag of emotion. I do know this, I am counting on the One who can renew and refill to come and sit with me and be with me and hold me and work with me and do what He has to do in me so I can come home and do what He needs me to do here.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The girls staying with us love The Office therefore we have marathons every night. I love it. It makes me tired but I love it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We are in the middle of lots of busyness at our house. It is fun stuff but busy nonetheless. And as I age, I realize I am way more in need of being in control than I ever realized...and I hate it. Our lives have shifted a little this week and become way less about me than normal and that I'd like to admit. I get sent when the smallest of things don't go the way that I had anticipated. I do very well with schedules and time frames and routines and when something goes awry, honestly, I hardly know how to handle it. As much as I hate this I know this is where I need to be taken lately. I know that my order is chaos according to the One who has scheduled it all.

But I get to do just about my favorite thing today. Along with 800 other people, I get to hear the best speaker in all of everywhere inspire, encourage and make people laugh. When SMM talks about what he will be talking about today, he becomes passionate. There is little that he cares about more than this and it is incredibly obvious. I love getting to see the passion and how he connects to the people he is talking with and passes along that passion. He is just amazing and I am just partial to him.

And as he ran out the door this morning I felt sick. Luckily he forgot a drink so he came back and I was relieved. Because in the craziness of the first 45 minutes of our day, I didn't even get to (should read didn't remember) to wish my husband Happy Birthday.

I love you Sean Michael Murphy

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day to the best dad in the history of dads...


See what I did there???

And to the second greatest...we love you. Thank you for loving us, taking care of us and being more than we ever would have dreamed.

How lucky am I?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Not much to say lately, lots on my mind but not lots to say.
I do know that I am loving the sun though.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Considering the 93' and sunny forecast, we have no the pool I say!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I had a date last night. My date took me to a preview screening of Evan Almighty where I bought the popcorn, diet coke and candy, I drove, and he hid his head during the snakes and spiders and asked for quarters to play the video games after the movie. OK he is 6 but as far as dates with 6 year olds, this was tops.

Sean had passes to see Evan Almighty in Newport last night. He insisted that I get to go, which was so great. So Griffin and I headed down and had an awesome night. The movie is so so good. It was interesting and I wonder how it will be received when it opens but I just know we both loved it and seemed to be surrounded with other people who liked it as well.
Here is the funny aside...note this sort of tells a little about the ending but not really so beware. First the ARK that Evan is building becomes the Act of Random Kindness so that's is kind of the theme. Second anyone who had a phone or camera had to check it at the desk. We were standing in the gigantic line to pick up our things with everyone else and there was a man. He was probably 60 and I know had to be a plant. I noticed him when we were about half way through the line and he was standing so close to me I could feel him breathing on my neck. I turned and faced him in a raised eyebrow, "Um, seriously?" way. He looked at me and moved out to the side and got in front of me in line! So the girl beside me said, "Hmmm, that's interesting." I watched him do this until he made his way to the front of the line! At one point someone said, "Oh, we're all in line here" to which he replied, "I know but I'm in a hurry."
I figured this could only have been a plant from the Universal Studios. I think they wanted to see if anyone would kick him after seeing this feel good movie.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

All for Jana

That Fergie is a real wordsmith

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Little Belle