Friday, August 29, 2008

Setting: Fixing breakfast, everyone in their PJs, a sweet morning in the Murphy kitchen

Sean: Cooper, who has the prettiest mom in the world?
Cooper: MEEEEEEE!!!!

Sean: Parker, who has the prettiest mom in the world?
Parker: MEEEEEEEE!!!

Sean: Griffin who has the prettiest mom in the world?
Griffin: Me? You don't mean right now do you?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Is using the turn signal too much to ask? Maybe someone has thought it through a lot more than I have and can explain the not using of the blinker. But to me it seems like it is in a fairly convenient spot and pretty easy to operate. So come on, can we just be a people that scooch our little hand over to the lever and let the world know, "I'M TURNING LEFT, YAHOO!"

Monday, August 25, 2008

Saturday was Parker's flower girl debut. If you are wondering who can do flower girling better than anyone, its Parker. She was wonderful, walked down the aisle holding her princess wand perfectly. She even tried to coax the ring bearer who cried and wouldn't go. If you are in the market for a flower girl, she's your best bet. The bride was just about the most gorgeous bride I've ever seen. I wanted to high five her husband but I thought that may be inappropriate.

The whole day gave me hope for my family. These two families are amazing pictures of what love, commitment and parenting can do. The two that got married are awesome. They are committed to each other, to their Jesus, to their friends. They also wrote notes to their parents saying they wanted a marriage like theirs, I feel like that is a pretty big deal coming from people who have seen those marriages every day.

It was a great day but better than that, a great start to Ross and McKenzie's journey.

And Parker was cute.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Summer is closing down. With that, our free entertainment is over and I don't get to see my bf Fridayly.

But this Friday, I get to watch this little girl practice for her first flower girl roll...

Get out the tissues.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Last night we sat down to watch the games of the XXIX Olympiad. And of course after a rousing Trampoline competition, we were hunkered down for a ping pong match. And what a match it was. I couldn't believe the athletic prowess of those gentle giants. They were nimble like cats and ferocious as ...
OK, really?
It isn't even called ping pong. It is apparently called Table Tennis. The table is in the middle of a huge empty room so Griffin is convinced the table is smaller than the one at Peggy's house. They hold their paddles in an odd way and do fancy throwing up of the ball (if that's what they even call it) before they serve and I even heard grunting.
Now the table tennis ball, they only use one. They don't even have someone to shag it for them after each point, they have to run and get it themselves. Even at Aunt Pegs there is a bowl of extras. Those guys look like morons as they chase a mini bouncing ping pong ball around a huge empty space. I think I'd complain.
We watched for a couple of points and finally Griffin said, "I can't believe this is in the Olympics." And I must say, I agree.

And P.S. There was a North Korean shooter that got 2 medals taken away after he failed the banned substance tests. Seriously? Shooting a gun and banned substances? Isn't that Oreos and water?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I miss my friends. And Parker is having withdrawal. (I wasn't going to use this picture but she cried when I deleted it.) Aren't you sick of $17 diet cokes yet?

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Happy ___________!!!!!

'Tis a big day in the lives of people I know and love...

Happy Birthday to Katy...
The first person to hold our daughter. I love Katy, I love her laugh, her loyalty, her heart, her guts and that she now loves diet coke. Would you believe at one time she didn't?

Happy Birthday to Liz...
My Wooster connection. A lot of our lives are more similar than I would have imagined. I love her brain processing, I love her competitiveness, I love her commitment to change and I love her sister.

Happy Birthday to Mel...
My favorite friend that lives waaaay too far away. I dream of the day we can be next door neighbors. There are few friendships that are as easy as mine with Mel. I miss her.
And Happy Anniversary Bleah!
How lucky I feel that we are friends. I tell Sean every time we hang out that I love being with them and I wish we could hang out more. And I'm afraid I love them in a creepy, stalkerish way.

HAVE GREAT DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I had a etymological surprise yesterday. I was talking with a girlfriend who used a phrase I had never heard before.

In an ideal world, Sean and I would be leaving Sunday to go visit her and her husband and do some work with them for a couple weeks. But sigh, that's not the case.

She told me "it is bucketing down." Any guesses? All I can hear is the brogue and it makes our non plans for next week sadder. Apparently it is raining cats and dogs and we would have needed raincoats. Ah well, at least it should be sunny in OH.

PS This is also the friend that Griffin said of her husband, "You didn't tell me he'd sound like a leprechaun."

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Why won't this girl sleep?

Mommy's tired...

The feel of today...